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Precast Concrete Wall Sawing

15 2X7 Windows In Just One Day!

Project Location: Kansas City
Project Type: Commercial
Project Task: Concrete Wall Sawing, 15 each 2' x 7' Window Cut Outs In Precast Concrete
Project Date: April 16, 2016

Project Details: On this project for Jonkman Construction we cut out 15 each 2′ x 7′ window openings in just one day. The wall material was 6″ thick pre-cast concrete. Remote control track mounted saws were used for the vertical cuts, hydraulic hand saws were used for the horizontal cuts and the corner cuts were finished off with hydraulic chain saws to prevent having to over-cut the corners.

On this project it was necessary to complete all required tasks on a single Saturday shift. This entailed cutting and removing each window hole as well as framing and securing each new opening with plywood. Finally, all clean-up and debris had to be removed with the site left ready for the installation of all new windows.

In order to meet the tight deadline we coordinated all of the layout work with the General Contractor prior to the scheduled Saturday scope of work. Everything went smoothly and the project was completed on time and on budget thanks to the input of Jonkman Construction and the hard work of our amazing crew.

In order to maximize efficiency we made use of 3 man lifts, 1 telehandler and 2 remote-controlled track saws. We also kept men staged inside the structure to make sure that any water entering the building would be kept under control and that all interior clean up would be fully handled as the job progressed.

As shown below in the included photos and video you can see that our crew did a fabulous job on this project. In one Saturday shift, everything was removed safely and professionally. We pride ourselves in offering intelligent and affordable concrete cutting and removal solutions and we always strive to deliver all tasks on-time and on-budget. If you are in need of concrete cutting, coring or demolition give us a call at 913-681-9050 to discuss your needs. If you prefer send an email to or submit a request form online by visiting

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